My Beloved

There is such a sweet gentleness when God calls us His beloved. The God Almighty- the God of the seas, the oceans, the world, the galaxies, the God who knows everything that there ever was and is and will ever be looks at you and says, Yeah. She’s mine. She can mess up as much as she wants to, but she is still welcome at my table. That one’s mine too. He’s my beloved and there is nothing that he can do to deter my love. 

Woah. So crazy. God has the entire universe to love. The way the moon sits in the night sky that is speckled with gleaming stars that seem to never end… yeah, He placed those there. The way the sun sits at the end of the day and the way the sky is painted with pinks and yellows and oranges… yeah, all God. But His greatest creation? The creation that He crafted from His own hands? The creation He loves the most? Yeah, that’s you. You are His greatest creation and there is only one of you in the entire world. Think about it. 318.9 million people live in the United States. 1.3  billion people live in China. There are 7.5 billion people that walk the earth today. That’s a lot of people and whole lot of souls to know. And if that does not make you feel super small and insignificant, you may need a reality check. But, God still saw all of those people and saw a need for one of you. The world needs a lover, a laugher, a crier. It needs you. You are His beloved and you are destined for greatness. A greatness that comes from a Father’s heart that never seems to run out of love. Among the crazy buzz of life, listen to the whispers of God. The promises pull you closer to an embrace that is like no other. These promises keep your head above the water when the waves are crashing. God is beckoning- just take His hand. He’s waiting.