One day.

One day, friends. One day. One day until I marry my best friend. One day until I get to live life with the love of my life for the rest of forever. ONE day until my whole life changes for the better. One. Day.

Tomorrow is probably going to be one of the best days of my life so far, but let me also tell you that this whole year leading up to this day was the worst ever. Trying to graduate college while planning a wedding while working in ministry while constantly trying to cultivate new and meaningful relationships while also giving my amazing fiancé much needed attention can make a girl wanna crumble under the stress. And, let me tell you– I did. There were numerous nights throughout this year where I crumbled underneath the chaos. I complained and cried out to God to deliver me from this season. I’m done. I said numerous times. I’m done with this season. I don’t even wanna get married. I don’t wanna graduate. This is the worst. Eric would listen to me as I sat on my bed weeping my eyes out. And then after he left at the end of the night, God would listen to me pour out my undone heart. And then I would fall asleep and then wake up the next morning and the cycle would start all over again. One day this will be better. I promised myself those nights when everything seemed to be thrown at me. One day I won’t have to worry about school. One day, I’ll get to do what I love and I won’t have to write any more papers and study for tests. One day.

Fast forward to yesterday when Eric called me in the middle of wedding chaos. Also, imagine very stressed out me on my way to an eyelash appointment trying to calmly answer Eric’s many questions after he said the absolute worst thing anyone could ever say to a bride two days before her wedding– I have bad news. You can imagine how that call went. Imagine us yelling at each other over the phone as I am attempting to navigate Murfreesboro traffic. One day. He said. One day, we’ll be married. We’ll be done with this season and we won’t have to be stressed out and worried about anything anymore. One day. 

And you know what? In the midst of the one day, I forgot joy. Y’all. I’m getting marrrrieeedddd. I’m marrying my absolute best friend in the entire world. My entire family is here to celebrate this amazing and fun day with me. One of my best friends in the whole world drove 4 hours to come stand by me in my wedding. All the people I LOVE are going to be there tomorrow! Also– I graduated college a month ago! I don’t have to study or write any papers anymore (hallelujah, praise Jesus). And, as I sit here a day before the wedding, I’ve realized that I let myself get caught up in the one day. I forgot to hug the necks of all the people I met in college. I forgot to celebrate the fact that I finished school for the rest of my life. I forgot that engagements are fun and exciting. I forgot that this season will never ever in my life ever happen again. It was all a big giant to do list and everything is checked off. One day, this will all be over. I promised myself. And it is. Tomorrow, this season will be over. I’ll be done with the giant to do list. But, as I was so focused looking toward the one day that my life would become easier, I overlooked the season where Eric and I got to prepare for our marriage together. I overlooked the part where we walked through the rooms of our little townhouse and prayed for all the people that would walk through the doors of that house. That they would feel known and loved. I forgot about the fun day dates Eric would take me on in this season to get away from the chaos of the wedding and school. I forgot about the moments in time where Eric would kiss me lightly on my forehead after a long, stressful day as we lay on the couch together – dreaming about one day. Dreaming about the number of kids we would have and what their personalities would be like. In those moments, I was so worried about the one day that I forgot to look right next to me and remember the now.

Friends, I promise one day will happen. You’ll find that person you’ll spend forever with. You’ll start a family. You’ll do the thing you’ll love. You’ll graduate college. You’ll have an amazing house. It will happen. If you give your dreams to the Lord, it’ll happen by His will. But, the sweet part? The nows are so much fun. It’s so fun to stop in the middle of wedding season at your lingerie party and laugh with your best friends. It’s so fun to look next to you as you’re dreaming up your future and thank the LORD that you get to do life with this person. It’s so fun to look around you at graduation and rejoice in the fact that you finally did it. Rejoice in today, friends. I promise it’s so much fun.

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